[may- rah-kee] Greek. 
– doing something with soul, creativity, or love 

This project focusses on ambitious people. Whether they are running a small business or are students with a dream. Citronnade introduces their fantastic potential and supports their work! 

it starts with a brushstroke • Digital Illustrations

Communication has always been key to express thoughts and emotions. Around 6,500 languages are spoken around the world and each is unique to the other. Although English is considered a “universal language”, many struggle to learn the language and are left behind. However, there is one form of expression that unites everyone no matter theContinue reading “it starts with a brushstroke • Digital Illustrations”

So You Want To Be A Journalist? • The first steps into a role in the media industry

Being a journalist is not only sitting in front of a camera, computer or microphone. It is about knowing your audience, considering all sides of an argument and then to deliver your message clearly. Usually, a big team of editors, writers, technicians, vice versa work together to produce all sorts of content – however, manyContinue reading “So You Want To Be A Journalist? • The first steps into a role in the media industry”

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